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Peggy McColl’s

Million In A Month Program:


If you want to create an online business, the “A Million In A Month” program is for you. This program helps people create and launch online programs based on proven models – anywhere in the world, from any background, whether they have ZERO experience, or are already an online business owner.

Included in the program is a complete “toolset” of mindset processes, program creation processes, program launch marketing strategies, and much more… designed to help people reach a very exciting goal: The possibility of earning a million in a month, as Peggy McColl and many others have done.

The marketing funnel is value-packed with a FREE eBook, a FREE webinar, and a ton of valuable content via followup e-mails, and – of course – the program itself, which – at an investment of only $1497 USD or three payments of $597 USD – is one heck of a deal.

Peggy McColl’s

New Author Programs:


The New Author Programs help people – anywhere in the world, from any background, with any experience level  – write a book, make it an Amazon Best-Seller, International Best-Seller, and/or New York Times Best-Seller, as well as establish a successful business with multiple income streams.

Price: $1,997 to $4,994 USD