We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and we wish you a very happy new year! As we return from our holiday break, it seems appropriate to talk about a phenomenon that concerns a very large portion of the population: New Year’s resolutions.

We all have been there (and most of us still do it every year): January 1st hits, we get a sense of new and renew, and we have the overwhelming desire to hit the refresh button and make a lasting change to better our lives. When that happens, we have an amazing feeling of being invincible. And then, by February (yes, we have all been in that position), our resolutions fade away and we, consciously or not, decide that the resolutions aren’t worth that much and we get back to our old patterns.

Sounds familiar? Once again, our fears of change overcome our desire to change. One of the main reasons behind that phenomenon is that when we make a resolution, and we genuinely mean it, we forget to make a plan for it. We come up with the end result, but we don’t establish the path to get there. It is like deciding to climb a very tall mountain without thinking of getting in shape before starting the climb. So how do we fix this? It is quite simple.

  1. Allen Shaw said: “Don’t make resolutions without an action plan. The secret to success is right in your hands”. Go ahead, dissect your goal into smaller attainable steps, make a plan!

ACTION STEP FOR THIS WEEK: make a list of your resolutions for the year, and don’t forget to write down your WHY for each of them. Then narrow the list to 2 or 3 and for each to them, make a plan with milestones and a timeline.