Kudos to my student

“Kudos to my student, Gisele Maxwell, on the publication of her book @freeandrichbeyondwealthy. Grab your copy…”

-Jack Canfield
Author Chicken Soup for the Soul

...powerful nuances of mindset

“Gisele Maxwell’s book is a great refresher for any business person and entrepreneur. She combines powerful nuances of mindset and building a business with ease. Precise practices coupled with great business ethics, Free and Rich Beyond Wealthy is a MUST read!”

Judy O’Beirn Best-selling Author
of the Unwavering Strength Series,
President of Hasmark Publishing International

...absolutely the best coach

“I have been using Gisele Maxwell as my business coach for over a year. Her professional, logical and scientific approach has helped me and my business grow consistently.  She is absolutely the best coach I have had, because this time I see profits.”

– Jennifer Kirsch
It’s a Breeze Travel Services LLC

...very focused

“Gisele is a strong woman, very focused and goal oriented. She has a great ability to transfer this capacity to help her customers. She helped me to focus again on my goals. I’m happy that I met her and I’m sure she’s going to help you too.”


 – Barbara Morosini, Author
“I Viaggiatori”. Hasmark Publishing

...a must read

“This book is a must read for anyone interested in starting and maintaining their own successful business.”

  – Barbara Morosini, Author
“I Viaggiatori”, Hasmark Publishing

Follow her guidance...

“Read this book if you have a desire to experience fulfillment in every area of your life.  Gisele has created a phenomenal resource to provide you with the guidance to produce true riches and richness.  Follow her guidance and enjoy the results.”


 – Peggy McColl, New York Times
Best-Selling Author



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Free and Rich

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Free and Rich Beyond Wealthy is a book to motivate the aspiring entrepreneur to start their own business, and to coach them with the technicalities of it.


Kudos from

Jack Canfield!

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About the Author:

Dr. Gisele Maxwell

Dr. Gisele Maxwell is a businesswoman, an author, and an accomplished scientist who applies the scientific method to build businesses. Originally from France, where she earned a Ph.D. in Physics, she came to the United States to conduct post-doctoral research at Stanford University.

After successfully holding several managerial positions in various companies, she became co-founder and CEO of her own company and held that position for 12 years. Her journey as a CEO and businessperson compelled her to help people build a successful professional career by starting their own businesses. To do this, Gisele uses a very tailored and fact matter approach, leading them to achieve solid and sustainable results. 

In her book, Free and Rich Beyond Wealthy, she shares insights to help other aspiring entrepreneurs start their own businesses.